Joe Sabatino has had a unique and varied career as a business leader in Sales and Marketing and as a Television Producer, Screenwriter, and Actor.

See what differentiates him from every other corporate marketing professional, mentor, or public speaking coach.

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"Joe's training and insights took my communication skills to a whole new level. The ability to effectively connect with and influence audiences was simply priceless. Joe's coaching was practical, confidence-inspiring, and overall just a tremendous value. It's really like having a secret weapon."

Jeremiah Grossman
Founder and CEO
WhiteHat Security and Bit Discovery

"Joe took my presentation skills from practically nothing to far beyond my company's expectations. It made me self-aware, and now I understand audience psychology, allowing me to engage, hold, and influence any audience I present to. Joe has delivered far beyond anything I expected and it's been awesome working with him."

Kevin Gosschalk
Founder & CEO, Arkose Labs

"Had Kapiche not engaged Joe Sabatino to help with my presentation skills and my ability to engage people and capture their attention, I don't think the capital-raising process would have been as smooth and successful as it was."

Ryan Stuart
CEO and Co-Founder, Kapiche Inc.

"Joe taught me that I have to connect with my audience. I have to be authentic. I'm a sales coach and I coach women of color all day and I'm always teaching them to be authentic. Joe taught me that if I'm not authentic, if I'm not real, if I don't connect with my audience, then I can't be transformative."

Cherilynn Castleman
Managing Partner and Executive Coach

"Joe has given me insight on how to present myself better and has given me great pointers in how to communicate effectively, not only to customers and prospects, but internally to leaders. It's beyond just giving a presentation, it's being able to be confident in myself and know that I can grab [my audience's] attention and actually get them to hear me."

Nichole Bauer
Top Tech Account Executive

"Had I not engaged Joe Sabatino, I would not have the brand and have the impact that I'm capable of having with clients and with the security community today. I cannot recommend Joe highly enough. He has been able to completely change the way I present, in regular meetings, at conferences, and to the press."

Allie Mellen
Forrester Research Analyst

"Shout out to Joe  for helping me overcome my fear of public speaking. They did this by personalizing their techniques to my specific needs, and no other coach has done that for me. I feel that his experience as an actor, writer, producer, and corporate executive has allowed him to shed a unique perspective on public speaking."

Jo Anne Greco
CIBS President

"My first impression of Joe is that he is very down to earth and he wants to help people in public speaking and also finds the best in them and their qualities. He sees the best in everyone and helps them bring it out. "

Monica Verma
CEO, MonicaTalksCyber

"Had I not had the experience with Joe Sabatino, I would not have been able to communicate and make myself better as a presenter when I needed to say something important. Whenever I came out of a session with Joe, I would feel better about myself. It gave me belief that if you put enough work into it, you can do anything. There are no limits."

Shiri Rhodes
Top Sales Performer

"Had I not engaged Joe Sabatino, I wouldn't have been as open-minded to realize that I can still sharpen my pencil, I can still make adjustments to the way I present to become better. If I hadn't met Joe, those lessons that I learned and took to heart would not be affecting my day-to-day life in a positive way."

Roger Comora
Top Producing Tech Sales Executive

"Had I not had the opportunity to work with Joe Sabatino, my presentation skills and my ability to interact in this remote world would certainly not be as fine-tuned as they are today. After a couple of sessions with Joe, I had an entirely new perspective on connection with people and talking with people, especially with remote meetings."

Lance Jacobs
SVP of Technology Sales

"Working directly with Joe has helped me with a lot of different ideas and thoughts that I never thought about because he's bringing in those Hollywood best practices and marrying them with technology."

Murray Weitzman
SVP/GM Fortune 100 Tech Company

"Had I not had the opportunity to work with Joe Sabatino, I wouldn't have known what I needed to get better at. If you think you're great at something and no one tells you that you could be better at it, then you have no way to improve upon it. Joe helps you figure out what those things are."

Sam Nik-Pay
Top Producing Senior Account Executive

"If my company had not engaged Joe, we would be just another group of vendors, pitching product with bland stories and not getting the meetings we need to meet our numbers. "

Joel Salinas
Top Producing Tech Account Executive

"Had I not worked with Joe Sabatino, I wouldn't be as confident as I am today."

James Stone
Tech VP of AMEA

"One of the first things that hit home for me was understanding that the cadence and tones of how you speak can really emphasize different areas of your presentation overall. Having that sense of mindfulness was one of the first things that Joe helped me to work out."

Kai Chao
Tech Account Executive

"Some of the techniques that stick with me are how to quickly learn and effectively memorize a script, always remembering to engage your audience by looking into the camera, and how to be and feel natural delivering a scripted presentation."

Adrian Jenkins
Senior Sales and Business Leader

About Joe Sabatino

In a world where corporate communication is paramount, Joe Sabatino stands out as a multifaceted professional, uniquely blending his extensive Hollywood experience with a robust career in marketing, sales, corporate branding, executive leadership, and presentation skills.

As businesses increasingly seek to captivate audiences and deliver compelling messages, Joe's distinctive approach brings a dynamic edge to corporate marketing, storytelling, and branding strategies.

Renowned for his transformative influence, Joe has navigated an illustrious path through diverse realms, from sharing the screen with icons like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to spearheading sales and content marketing initiatives at the highest corporate levels. His journey through the demanding worlds of television producing, screenwriting, corporate marketing, and branding has equipped him with unparalleled adaptability and communication finesse.

As industry evolves, Joe Sabatino remains at the forefront, ready to guide organizations and individuals through the ever-changing landscape of corporate communication and personal excellence.

His commitment to client success and his ability to blend Hollywood creativity with business acumen make him an invaluable asset in any strategic endeavor.

For those looking to transform their corporate or brand narrative, enhance their leadership communication, or simply learn from a seasoned professional with a unique blend of skills, Joe Sabatino represents the pinnacle of strategic communication excellence.

To discover more about Joe Sabatino's corporate and personal services, or to arrange an interview or speaking engagement, please contact him directly.

Joe's achievements in the entertainment industry, including a Golden Globe nomination and numerous storytelling awards, underscore his ability to craft and convey powerful narratives. This storytelling prowess is not merely about accolades but about the profound impact of engaging storytelling in marketing and corporate branding.

In an era where content reigns supreme, Sabatino’s expertise transcends typical marketing and branding strategies. He’s not just an expert in corporate marketing and branding but a creator who elevates every aspect of communication and storytelling, from executive keynote speeches to innovative marketing and branding campaigns. His work with C-suite executives and across various verticals—including tech, fintech, infosec, and entertainment—highlights his versatile and impactful approach to cultivating influential leaders and compelling corporate marketing and brand narratives.

The 5 Core Values of Public Speaking

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The ability to communicate your message clearly and concisely.

Move Fast - Entrepreneur Webflow Template


The belief in yourself and your message, which allows you to deliver it with conviction.

Be Open - Entrepreneur Webflow Template


The ability to connect with your audience and make them feel heard and understood.

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The perception that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy, which enhances the impact of your message.

Be Collaborative - Entrepreneur Webflow Template


The ability to engage and inspire your audience through your personality and delivery style.

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